Scifi container prop. File contains the high and low poly meshes as well textures exported at 2K (metallic/roughness).
Maps included:
BaseColor, normal, roughness, height, emissive, ambientOcclusion.

For a detailed look at how this asset was created, please check the "Texturing for Beginners" series on the Allegorithmic YouTube channel.

Uploaded: about 2 years ago
Updated: 6 months ago
Version: 3
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about 2 years ago

great works, thanks you Mr McDermott !

about 2 years ago

This is nice coming through this site as the tutorial was awesome.

about 2 years ago


about 1 year ago

thanks! thanks! thanks! good that there is still people like you! excelent tutorial! thanks!

11 months ago


8 months ago

谢谢 希望多出点教程

4 months ago

Its awesome

3 months ago