Scifi container prop. File contains the high and low poly meshes as well textures exported at 2K (metallic/roughness).
Maps included:
BaseColor, normal, roughness, height, emissive, ambientOcclusion.

Uploaded: over 3 years ago
Updated: 19 days ago
Version: 3
File Name:
Size: 859 MB


over 3 years ago

great works, thanks you Mr McDermott !

over 3 years ago

This is nice coming through this site as the tutorial was awesome.

over 3 years ago


over 2 years ago

thanks! thanks! thanks! good that there is still people like you! excelent tutorial! thanks!

about 2 years ago


about 2 years ago

谢谢 希望多出点教程

over 1 year ago

Its awesome

over 1 year ago


over 1 year ago

Hello, I seem to be getting failure notices every time I try to download this file. Is there some other way to get it? I would really like to work through your tutorial. Thanks

over 1 year ago

@dsrjhnsn I'm sorry for the download issue. I just checked the the download is working. We don't have the file in another location. Checking with the team, we are not having any issues on the site. Can you please give it a try again.

about 1 year ago

Very sorry for the download issue. I moved the assets to Substance Academy. Please go to the academy page and you can download the mesh files.

over 1 year ago

when i am trying to download this file there is always a failure message appears after just 5 sec can i get these file from any other source or can anyone email me this file , mailid:

about 1 year ago

file is not download ,its giving an error message.

about 1 year ago

Model is not downloading ,giving error

about 1 year ago

@Mohamed Eltabakh It contains just the project files. Substance Painter projects files are very large as they are self-contained with all resources embedded. That is why the file size is so large.

about 1 year ago

Excuse me this download 859MB is for the videos tutorial or for the project files!

12 months ago

Thank You Allegorithmic it's really useful tutorials with your great software's package

8 months ago

This fails out and said forbidden.

6 months ago

As others have mentioned, fails attempting to download, gets to about 400k then gives up

4 months ago

HI, Just wanted to say this is a Great Paint Program, that said, I wanted to DL this Scifi Container to follow along on YT, But .....

The "Link" mo longer works.

Any Help ?

22 days ago

The link to You Tube comes up blank with a note that says this video is private.

19 days ago

@3dgreg Sorry for the confusion. We removed the tutorial from our channel as it was very out of date. Please take a look at our latest series here.