For this entry i focused on close-up details of mixed asphalt as much as having a correct global aspect too.
I am really not totally satisfied but 1 day more could have been 1 day too late :)
Controls :
- Water level
- Lines Type
- Lines Wear

i hope it will serve to someone. Enjoy ! :)
Rendered and color-graded with iRay

Uploaded: about 2 years ago
Updated: almost 2 years ago
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about 2 years ago

maybe try to add wear to the asphalt, perhaps cracks, etc. but it looks nice

about 2 years ago

There is wear on pratically each gravel who make the mix asphalt but we dont see it cause of the humidity ;)
There is little dirt. My goal here was to make a close-up worked asphalt. Not just global with cracks that we see everywhere. :D
I should like to post a dry close-up. I wait to know if we can update pictures of entries.
Thank mate for feed back and good rating !! ^_^

about 2 years ago

I love te wear on the paint. Amazing job Janine :D

about 2 years ago

Thanks Käy :)

almost 2 years ago

Very nice but it seems to have a small bug. It works for me only on 1024x1024 and I can see a "$pixelSize" field in Substance painter that is non editable

My guess is that SP doesn't link properly the texture size to your variable, perhaps causing the bugs ?
I wills tick to 1024 for now anyway :) Thanks !

over 1 year ago

I don't know if you did this on purpose but I went to check out your Substance Designer material. For me it's all kinds of goofed. Even with the correct grunge maps it has trouble without me going it and fixing a few things here and there. The Published material looks really nice though!

about 1 year ago

Thank you.

11 months ago

This is one of the best asphalt textures I've seen so far. Except water, I like to paint water in engine. Great job! Many thanks!!!

11 months ago

Hi there,

I would like to know if I can use this substance on my video game project.

Thank you.

11 months ago

m.martins, everything that is on the share is to be shared, so no problem :)
If you want to credit me i'd be happy, if you don't, i will not fall into depression hihihi
Thanks all for your comments :)

10 months ago

Great material

8 months ago


8 months ago

how i can use this material? "unknown extension"

7 months ago

Thanks for the material, but I'm trying to load it in substance and I get an error that says grungemap 006, 20, 16 are missing, could someone help with that? Even if I point to where I have the grungemaps located on my computer it seems I don't have the good ones

3 months ago

i love it