Pixel Processor port of Classic Noise 3D and Noise 3D/4D which are texture- and arrayless GLSL versions of Perlin noise (former) and Simplex noise (latter), which were supposed to run on a GPU.

Credits go to Stevan Gustavson for Classic Noise 3D and both him and Ashima Arts for (Simplex) Noise 3D/4D variants.

The cube2equi graph is based on Raymond Phan cube2equi matlab code.

This is a collection of fractal noise generators utilizing common known methods like fractonial Brownian motion (fBm) amongst others to create fractals from a noise base function.
The Simplex variants are about 33% faster than Classic, however the Simplex algorithm (by Ken Perlin) is patented for commercial implementations beyond 2D.

Most important features:
=> 2D planar mapped noise for both Classic and Simplex 3D
Can be animated by moving along the Z-axis, although too costly for realtime applications when the Substance Engine runs on the CPU.

=> 2D planar seamless tiling noise using Simplex 4D
Handy to create seamless textures!

=> 3D sphere mapped using Classic and Simplex 3D
The output should be in 2:1 format and wraps seamless around a sphere

=> 3D vector mapped noise using Classic and Simplex 3D
When providing a position bake of your UVed model as vector map input the resulting noise will seamless wrap around your geometry. This can be used to create seamless patterns, i.e. camo (and such)

There's a few other noise and utility graphs and a couple of GLSL functions, should be self-explanatory.

Uploaded: about 2 years ago
Updated: over 1 year ago
Version: 4
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about 2 years ago

Awesome! Perhaps this should be in the noises that come with Substance Designer even :D.

about 2 years ago

Thanks... Still working on it

about 2 years ago

Wow! Dwonloading right now to immediate test.

about 2 years ago

The vector based noise is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

about 2 years ago

i like 3d

about 2 years ago

Dunno if the license from the algorithms comply but I wouldn't mind.
If you find any issues or errors feel free to comment or tell on the forums in the thread.

over 1 year ago

Thanks! Is it possible to add xyz vector multiplier? I'm making a pattern for the wooden board and want the fractal to stretch along the board, but remain proportional at the cut sides. At the moment I'm color correcting position pass, so, that's a kind of solution, but not very intuitive.

over 1 year ago

Already replied on the forums to you... you can also use a position bake (no normal or world space normal) of your model with a graph that takes a vector input if you want to make noise that wraps around a model. Wood probably needs it's own algorithm that creates sinus waves using a position map as input for the sin function for the typical lines.

15 days ago

sexy! nice! awesome!!!!! thank you