Wavy Sand ideal for dunes or desert scenes. Feel free to get in touch if you've got ideas for improvements!

Uploaded: over 2 years ago
Updated: over 2 years ago
Version: 1
File Name: Sand_Dunes.zip
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over 2 years ago

nicely done

over 2 years ago

REALLY well done. I love the sparkling effect. :)

over 2 years ago

is it correct the HUE doesnt do anything, its seems to be stuck at .49

over 2 years ago

Thanks a lot guys :) I'm glad you like it! @RomBoutv, The HUE is capped between .49 and .50 going from a reddish tint to yellow. The range is tight and result subtle as i found the results not very convincing when going beyond these ranges. you should be able to tweak it as you want using the sbs though.

about 2 years ago

Really really good

almost 2 years ago

This is really nice, Can I use it in my game. How do I pay for it?

almost 2 years ago

Hey Matt. Of course :) I'm super glad you can find it some use! Everything on the Share is free to use, you just have to credit the author of the substance somewhere. There're few threads regarding Substance Share EULA on their forum, you can learn more there.

8 months ago

Great work.

2 months ago

How do i turn on the height? I have clicked on height in the instance but it doesn't work. Thanks.

about 2 months ago