A very complex planet generator with some simple parameters.

Theres a bunch of deep tweaking params on there too, but tucked away. The main controls are Star Distance, and Planet Age.

- Planet Age takes you from prehistoric meteor bombardments to smooth eroded landscapes.
- Star distance simulates sun-baked rocks when close, then greenhouse atmospheres and temperate climates all the way out to frozen ice-balls.
- Everything runs off a single source noise so varying this varies everything.
- Also includes some cool cities!
- Lava and city lights blur beneath the clouds ^.^
- Atmosphere is detatchable for seperation to different materials.
- Has all PBR outputs but includes a Specular output.
- Detailed colorization.
- Detailed city tweakage, from farmsteads to global metropolis.

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over 2 years ago

That looks great!

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almost 2 years ago

Very cool!!!

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over 1 year ago

This saves me weeks of doing a very similar thing for myself. Very generous of you to share this very valueable resource, thank you very much!

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over 1 year ago

I'm not sure how to use this. I've never used one that has dependencies before. Is there a guide specifically for these kinds?

about 1 year ago

Congrats, Thank you :D

7 months ago

not bad