Vela is a template project for Substance Painter 2.
Model by Samuel Compain, texturing by Fabrice Piquet (Froyok)

Note : This is an advanced project that can require a good computer. You can disable the shadows if performances are problematic.

Uploaded: over 1 year ago
Updated: about 1 year ago
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over 1 year ago

Would it be possible to add the low-poly / high-poly mesh files? Would further its educational usefulness by being able to play around with the bakers.

over 1 year ago

amazing ~
i learned from this project much more than many tutorials .

over 1 year ago

Hi guys, I'm seeing the file here but I can't find the video tutorial, even on youtube... so, there is a video tutorial or just the file as sample in this section?

over 1 year ago

@mukillk : The low-poly mesh is part of one of our moodpack , which you can find on the Substance Store.
@prudencio : We don't have a video tutorial covering the texturing of this asset.

over 1 year ago

so what is the point of sharing this one without any information how achieved this awesome work...

over 1 year ago

I like how she has subtle substance share color details.

about 1 year ago

i tried a noob stab at texturing this mesh :) hope you guys like it :)

10 months ago

Latest version 2.4.1............loads approx. 90% of this project then just crashes, again and again...........prior to crash message says this project was created with an earlier version and will be this a known issue with this project?
Having just paid a lot of money for this Software this isn`t the start I was expecting :(

10 months ago

The project should work fine with the latest version. Please send a crash report via the help menu and make sure your GPU meets the minimum requirements and that your drivers are up to date.

8 months ago

is this tutorial viideo or just files ?

5 months ago

amazing ~
i learned from this project much more than many tutorials .

4 months ago


18 days ago

thanks you for sharing this amazing example of work with substance painter