Atlas Maker is a Substance Utility for creating texture sheet atlas in Substance Designer.

Check the full tutorial series on creating texture atlases and using this tool on the Learning Support thread.

Uploaded: over 2 years ago
Updated: almost 2 years ago
Version: 2
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over 2 years ago

A node that can save many hours in production. Thanks a lot for making it public!

over 2 years ago

Awesome Tool!! i think this will come in handy on a castle I am starting.

over 2 years ago

Thank Wes , very usefull utility.

over 2 years ago

This is such a great addition.

about 2 years ago

Does this version still have the offset issue with textures smaller than the target?

12 months ago

I'm afraid we can't set offset above 2048px in 4k textures, why ???

12 months ago

I'm sorry for the offset issue above 2048. I will take a look at fixing the issue.

7 months ago

Is there a work around for the offset bug?

6 months ago

Does it work with Designer 6.0.3?

5 months ago

hi Wes, I think there might be a bug in the calculation of the tile mask size.
for the sake of testing, I've created a 1024 img in PS, then masked a 1024x256 pixels and imported that into SD. in SD I used the atlas maker node and set my resolution gate to 1024, then the tile mask size to 1024x256. the result is smaller by 2-3 pixels than the map imported from PS.
you can see my test results here:
love this tool, hope you can get it fixed :]