Jumping off from the tutorial from Wes I recreated, I have added some extra features and seasonal effects, as well as some tweaks with the original rock and dirt settings.

All procedural except for a single SVG for the leaf shape.

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over 1 year ago

I'm glad to see people are starting to make these kinds of materials. I would love to try and run something like this through UE4 and write scripts to edit them.

over 1 year ago

Nice work. I'm not able to fine tune the puddles, though.

over 1 year ago

@dennydenning Thanks! There are just two controls for the puddles, the position and contrast. The position will raise and lower the amount of water, and the contrast will raise or lower the blend amount with the ground. Are you not seeing any difference when changing these values?

over 1 year ago

Big like :)
Thanks for sharing this.

about 1 year ago

This substance inspired me a lot for a new project. This is awesome.

12 months ago