- 4 versions of Cotton/wool Fabric
- control the hair size to randomize the look
- balance the hair opacity and the cloth opacity to control how fluffy it looks
- screen capture from Painter PBR velvet shader
- ver.2 added colour parameters.

Create base on Vincent GAULT FX map iteration video.

Uploaded: over 1 year ago
Updated: about 2 months ago
Version: 2
File Name: PW_CottonFabric.zip
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over 1 year ago

This looks great. Thanx!

about 1 year ago

beautiful man. nice work.

12 months ago

Thank you

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11 months ago

very nice-this will be used ty for this

7 months ago

So awesome! Thank you

6 months ago

Nice Work!!!

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4 months ago

Thank you

2 months ago

Very nice!...

3 months ago

i love it, thank you

about 2 months ago

wait I can not find the parameter to change the color?

about 2 months ago

i can findo where change the color ):

about 2 months ago

I think Allegorithmic is still approving my latest update

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8 days ago

Nice! Thank you