Generates a crack pattern. Great for adding detail to materials or VFX.
Newer version has additional controls allowing the cracks to flow towards an angle, towards the center or an average of both.

Uploaded: over 2 years ago
Updated: 3 months ago
Version: 5
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about 2 years ago

Very good!

over 1 year ago

Awesome! Many thanks!

over 1 year ago

Nice cracks!

over 1 year ago

I am getting a error of dependencies related to Noise3D >, on the linear_sample() identifier it says: invalid dependency

over 1 year ago

Hi romularq, thanks for the heads up! I've spent some time at it tonight fixing those problems and optimizing it a bit :)

over 1 year ago

Hi everyone, I apologize for the error you might've ran into if you had downloaded the previous version of the node. I had accidentally used functions from an unrelated node and forgot to check the dependencies before submitting. It's all fixed now!

about 1 year ago

Thanks Bruno!

10 months ago

These are lovely, thanks!

8 months ago

Damn they look so good. Thanks !

4 months ago

I need this to cover the entire image, is it possible? I tried messing with the original graph but none of the nodes are showing results. Thanks!

4 months ago

NVM I'm stupid! (Spread option). Very nice work btw!

about 2 months ago

So nice! Thank you!

20 days ago


13 days ago

Hi Roger, the rotation only works if "Center Rotation" is not set to 1. Drag the Length slider to either extremity also and it'll be easy to notice. I agree it's not very clear, perhaps I'll rethink those in a future version!

13 days ago

The rotation setting doesn't seem to do anything. Am I missing something?