Project files for the "Creating an MDL in Substance Designer" tutorials. These tutorials are a 2-part video series.

Video 01 cover the basics of creating an MDL by recreating the physically-based metallic/roughness shader as an MDL.

Video 02 covers a practical example of creating a car paint MDL.

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over 1 year ago

This material is gorgeous. Do you have plans to make this available here for Substance Painter users? Thank you.

over 1 year ago

Okay. I followed the tutorial, but but when I exported the MDL to the Mdl folder and start up Maya Iray. It doesn't show up.

over 1 year ago

@jaws3497 This is a bug. We are looking to see if this is an issue with the Iray for Maya plugin or the MDL itself. The MDL module exported from Designer works in Iray for 3ds Max.

about 1 year ago

Very pretty but this is why the output SBS file painter substance can not be used.?

about 1 year ago

What video?... was the video removed?.. All I got from the download was the substance :(

9 months ago

I've been waiting for this for a long time!
Do you mind more make more tutorials?..

5 months ago

There's no .sbsar file for me to use it in unity3D, How can I use it in unity3D???

5 months ago

@saikiran An MDL can't be used in Unity. The MDL is used in renderers that support MDL such as Nvidia Iray.

3 days ago

I can't get this imported into Substance Painter... how come? I publish the archive file from SD and when I import into substance painter, the Flakes comes in as a material and "pbr-car-paint" comes in as a shader.