This filter is creating random grayscale values from a black&white mask.
Sbsar and Sbs provided.
There is thread explaining how it works. Post nr 16:

For the SBS to work properly you will need another node of mine

Uploaded: over 1 year ago
Updated: 11 months ago
Version: 2
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about 1 year ago

Awesome! I developed similar node but you was faster. :-) Thanks!

12 months ago

Any chance for tips on how this was achieved? I'm very curious. If it would be possible, .sbs package would be the most welcome :)

11 months ago

Incredibly useful thanks!

11 months ago

I must be missing something. I dropped these into my "packages" folder and if I try to use the SBS file in my graph it complains about needing "Filter_Maximum_Masked.sbsar", and if I try to use the SBSAR it looks like it's trying to work but it just produces a bunch of small squares instead of flood filling the shapes as shown in the sample GIF above.

11 months ago

@thephobos I've put a link where a proper explanation is provided.
As for the SBS file. Yes, you need a separate node

11 months ago

it's what's is needed how fix the link after import ?


21 days ago

it look like it didn't work anymore on Substance Designer 2017.x.x

21 days ago

Ok guys, in the new version of Designer they have added generators that have this functionality (and more). So no point of using mine anymore. And their version is probably much faster.

If you want to understand how it works, look at the forum thread. I made this one, than Sergey Danchenko added some serious optimalization and functionality in his version. And then good guys from Allegorithmics contacted him to add this functionality to Designer. So thanks everyone