Generates an animated caustics pattern.

Uploaded: almost 2 years ago
Updated: about 1 year ago
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almost 2 years ago

Looks fantastic!

over 1 year ago


10 months ago


7 months ago

I have had an Issue exporting substances because of this and it required me to open it up and update one of the Fractals

7 months ago

Hi callumblackall, do you think you could give me more info about this? I've just double checked the dependencies of the graph and the only noise it's using is the Perlin Noise Zoom, none of the Fractals. Could it be something else maybe?

3 months ago

Good one, thanks

2 months ago

Great work.

about 2 months ago

How in the world does that Phase variable work and do such black magic? It seems like it's in the pixel processor, but I can't open it :3

about 2 months ago

The Phase just makes the patterns in the fx map cycle from black to white to black again in a looping manner, all staggered so it sorta looks like real caustics, though I'll add some more movement if I revisit this in the future :)

19 days ago

a-w-e-s-ome !