Greyscale input to iridescence filter. Useful for oil stains. Includes .sbsar and .sbs

For quick use in painter, extract the .sbsar file to your shelf effect folder:

Users\*USERNAME*\Documents\Substance Painter 2\shelf\effects

Uploaded: about 1 year ago
Updated: about 1 year ago
Version: 1
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12 months ago

My substance painter says "[Effect Procedural View] Effect selected is not a substance file" when I try to load the filter.

12 months ago

@CyclonicTuna, did you extract the .sbsar from the .zip? If so, re-download and retry. If it's still broken I'll look into it.

11 months ago

Any way i can get this onto a smart material?

11 months ago

@Alston Gomes 0

It's a filter, so you can apply it to a material, smart material, layer, fill layer, and so on. It just takes a greyscale input and applies a gradient to that.

11 months ago


10 months ago

not working for me. its transparent

8 months ago

I am having the same problem with it not showing up, will try re-downloading.