This is a smart material to create a base skin to paint over. Several layers are driven by the curvature and ambient occlusion maps.

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9 months ago

awfully nice man

9 months ago

Wow it's seems really good man ! I'll definitely try it ! Thx for sharing this

9 months ago

Very nice, disable the tone regions if the seams show up and paint them manually

8 months ago

when i try to import it, its fails to load, warning message comes up. any suggestions?

8 months ago

@TheRealRyan Hmm I'm not sure. I just selected it in Painter and told it to share. If unzipping and dragging the extracted files into the smart material shelf doesn't work, it may be worth asking Allegorithmic support. Sorry I can't be more help.

8 months ago

Really useful. Thanks.

7 months ago


2 months ago

Thank you

17 days ago

crushes my substance painter

about 2 months ago

Thanks !

about 1 month ago

thanks a lot bro, this will be very helpful for a new guy like me!

about 1 month ago

not working man, all layers are empty when I import it as a smart material

about 1 month ago

Are you using it on a non prb shader? I get the same issue when I've tried it (and other smart materials) on my spec/gloss projects and haven't figured out why the layers are blank. I've tested with switching to a metal/rough shader and then retrying the material but get the same result so I guess there is something that remains when switching shader that still prevents the smart materials from working :/ All I can suggest is to try creating a new metal/rough project and try the material to see if it works there to see if this is the same problem. Apologies.