A seamless pattern made in SD, the outer frame can be removed if you desire, also contain parameters for the tile generator to get more/less tiles plus a switch for pattern change and the other usual controls. controls.

Uploaded: about 1 year ago
Updated: 10 months ago
Version: 2
File Name: Sculpted_Pattern.zip
Size: 42 KB


about 1 year ago

very good work !!!

about 1 year ago

dont work, file doesnt sbsar, this file dont import to substance painter :(, because isnt sbsar

about 1 year ago

sorry about that I've uploaded the sbsar file now, now waiting for aproval

11 months ago


10 months ago

Any news about the the sbsar file? Looks so great, but I'm also not able to use it without.

10 months ago

perfect , beautiful :)

9 months ago

Downloaded today, Good work!

9 months ago

Congrats on the staff pick :D

8 months ago

beautiful !

7 months ago

Very nice!

6 months ago

So beautiful, bravo !!!

6 months ago

it's a real great work, congrats