-drag and drop into shelf, apply in Viewer Settings
- Works in linear space. There is an option to use it in gamma space(uncheck Linear Space checkbox) but i'm not sure if it is working 100%, Painter has linear space lighting after all.
- Switch to Linear Space in unity at Edit -> Project Settings -> Player -> Other Settings
- more details about shader : http://damart3d.blogspot.com.by/2017/01/unity-5-shader-for-substance-painter.html#more

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11 months ago

Thanks for this, it's definitely a time saver

10 months ago

Yes, this is a real time saver. It cut several steps out of my usual workflow. Thank you very much for this.

9 months ago

Will it work with Substance Designer? And if so, what is the proper way to install it?

9 months ago

Thank you so much, this really helps newer people who are just learning to integrate substance painter with Unity.

7 months ago

In Substance Painter it looks like roughness is inverted? 0 Roughness gives matte while 1 gives gloss.

6 months ago

kvekos it's due to how unity's standard shader works. Instead of Metal/Rough, Unity Standard Shader uses Metal/Gloss for the interface to be similar with the specular setup, thus the inversion.

6 months ago

The download's unity shader file "GLSL" is used in unity!

5 months ago

How do i open the glsl file in Unity?

5 months ago

Nvm, found out it was for Painter and not Unity :P

4 months ago


about 1 month ago

Hi, im kind of knew on Substance, anybody can tell me whats are the benefits of use this shader thinking in development my game on Unity?