This is a brick generator with options for size, amount, color, slope, contour, and corner radius. Comes with some uniquely authored nodes such as a Height Selector, Photoshop-style Color Dodge and Burn, and a Crack generator.

The SBS is included and documented!

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about 1 year ago

Very nice! Looks great :D

12 months ago

Great, thanks!

12 months ago

Wow! Thanks! :)

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about 1 year ago

Thank you! 10/10 on documentation, very helpful.

12 months ago

Great stuf! Thanks :)

12 months ago

@moopey123: Double click on an empty part of the graph. In the parameters tab at the top is "output size." Hit the second little dropdown arrow and set it to "absolute." Then, set the width and height to 2048 or so. This is a quick fix, so be sure to watch Substance Designer videos to understand how that output size works!

12 months ago

How does one change the size/scale of the bricks ? Like if I want to reduce the length and increase the height of the individual bricks. And also maybe change the offset of the bricks to make them either closer or more distant from one another. I've looked into the nodes at the brick shape and tiling level but couldn't quite figure it out. I'm seeing the brick shape set to 1 on both the Y and X axis, and if I reduce one axis, then the offset is all wrong.

11 months ago


12 months ago

Exquisite! Thank you!

12 months ago

im new here, and with substance painter/designer, how come when i import mine into substance designer, its pixellated?

12 months ago

put them in the SP2 folder shelf

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about 2 months ago

wow!, I loved

26 days ago

This is a fantastic piece to study off of. I appreciate you sharing this and would like to say "Great work!" ...because well, it is truely great. Thanks!