This material can be set to flake paint, or carbon fiber, for all your high end car body material needs. There are parameters for the paint, flakes, weave, etc. Theres also an clear coat material included, and a model to visualise car double coated car materials (Inner model uses the paint, outer model the clearcoat).

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about 1 year ago

nice.. how can i put a multi colors in the flakes and create glitter/ sparkle effect

about 1 year ago

Hi Kevinsavuwa,

The graph is included so feel free to edit it. Cheers!

12 months ago

ok kuwl thanks.. im new to substance so was just wondering.. will have to find my way up.. thanks again

11 months ago

beautiful I like it~

7 months ago

Can the flakes be adjusted?

7 months ago

looks great! thanks!

3 months ago


2 months ago

This is such a cool material!! SHINY!!!! Thank you for this!