This plugin was created by me for easy work with colors at hand painted.
Double-clicking on the color button, you can set the color of the button, and in the future to address him. Unfortunately API Substance is not expected change in the base color. You can change this by improving its ability to plug if desired. Better pallet positioned at the bottom of the interface. I hope it will be useful to you


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Updated: about 2 months ago
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10 months ago

Thank you for this!

8 months ago

Thanks, this option is missing in the main programm.

8 months ago

thanks man,

8 months ago

Thank you very much for making this!!!

6 months ago

Thanks, for the nice tool. I have just one nub question were should I put it? With textures you can drag and drop them directly to the scene. Any help appreciated.

6 months ago


6 months ago

Thank you :)

5 months ago

Pretty cool, though i seem to have found a bug in 2.6.1 where if you hover over the layers window, the color picker goes behind painter, as if it took focus.

4 months ago

Thank you!

1 day ago

You sir are a godsend...=)