Based on the art blog-spot for Substance Painter 2.5 :
This example demonstrate how to create a plugin in Substance Painter that can be animated. In this case, the plugin animate a time variable that blend between two materials based on a specific mask.
See the youtube video for a demonstration.

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8 months ago

No, the goal is to create a grayscale mask. It's not an animated sequence, the animation is done by the shader.

It doesn't work with flow-maps. The goal of this shader is to create a blending mask.

8 months ago

very nice, are you able to export an animated sequence?

8 months ago

need some help here, how to make it work with flowmaps?

8 months ago

@Allegorithmic, good to know, thanks.
The shown preview
in the above link isn´t available yet?

5 months ago

That is so useful. Thank you.

2 months ago

Nice shader, but I don't understand how do I exploit it to unreal, how do I export the animated mask ?

2 months ago

@fcazenabe The mask is just a grayscale texture so it's easy to export it, however you need a custom material/shader to use it in Unreal.