Based on the art blog-spot for Substance Painter 2.5 :
This example demonstrate how to create a plugin in Substance Painter that can be animated. In this case, the plugin animate a time variable that blend between two materials based on a specific mask.
See the youtube video for a demonstration.

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over 1 year ago

No, the goal is to create a grayscale mask. It's not an animated sequence, the animation is done by the shader.

over 1 year ago

It doesn't work with flow-maps. The goal of this shader is to create a blending mask.

over 1 year ago

very nice, are you able to export an animated sequence?

over 1 year ago

need some help here, how to make it work with flowmaps?

over 1 year ago

@Allegorithmic, good to know, thanks.
The shown preview
in the above link isn´t available yet?

about 1 year ago

That is so useful. Thank you.

12 months ago

Nice shader, but I don't understand how do I exploit it to unreal, how do I export the animated mask ?

12 months ago

@fcazenabe The mask is just a grayscale texture so it's easy to export it, however you need a custom material/shader to use it in Unreal.

5 months ago

HI, i've a question about this shader
I'm using Substance Painter Ver 20148.1.1 and I've imported successfully the AnimatedBlending shader
But when i press the animated button thim error message apper on my log console

"[Plugin - AnimatedShader] Exception ShadersError: Error while merging shader '0' parameters: Merge data error: [ERROR] Error while parsing tweaks member value: Unknown identifiers: Time (:/js/shaders.js line 178)"

How this issue con be resolved ?


4 months ago

It works fine on my side with Substance Painter 2018.1.1.
Loading the shader in your project is not enough, you have to apply it on your mesh as well otherwise it won't work. You can change the shader in the Shader Window.