Tiling asphalt material.

Uploaded: about 3 years ago
Updated: almost 3 years ago
Version: 1
File Name: Asphalt_Dry.zip
Size: 11.5 MB


about 3 years ago

Does not include .sbs or .sbsar file, only a .sppr which I don't know how to use.

about 3 years ago

sppr are Substance Material Presets, you can drg and drop them in your material shelf in Substance Painter or copy them there:
C:\Users\...\Documents\Substance Painter\shelf\presets\materials

about 3 years ago

Yeah well, I was looking for asphalt texture to use in Unity as a simple material without using Painter. But thanks for the info Jeremie.

over 2 years ago

Am i doing something wrong!! keep getting an error when i try to import!

[Shelf] "Z:/Activov02/03_DEVOLUCIONES/Mobil_2016/production/substance_Mobil_2016/materials/asphalt_after_the_rain/Asphalt B Ryell.sppr" cannot be imported in a project

almost 2 years ago

A substance designer version for this material?