A material for the effect of a powerful crystal or rock. Completely procedural with easy to customize colors and values.

Uploaded: 11 months ago
Updated: 11 months ago
Version: 1
File Name: energy_crystal.spsm
Size: 1.97 MB


11 months ago

Great material but you need to put this under Smart materials, I'd say rock or sci-fi

11 months ago

Very nice, great job!

9 months ago

How exactly do you use this material? You can't just drag it into smart materials!

9 months ago

I put this material in Smart materials, but the sp said that the material is too recent for this version. could tell me how to use this material or did I do something wrong,please.

8 months ago

Amazing !! Very nice work mate !

7 months ago

very niice thank you~~!

2 months ago

so cool !

about 2 months ago

Very nice,thank you!

3 days ago

how do you get the glow?