A customizable "anodized steel" MDL.
- Color scheme from presets
- Tint it purple or blue, with any mix in between
- Roughness adjustment
As light passes over the surface, the colors shift around.
When adjusting the tint 0 is maximum and 1 is minimum.

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Updated: 11 days ago
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7 days ago

very nice

6 days ago

Hey Denni May! It is an MDL, which means that it only works in renderers that support the Nvidia material definition language. That means you can view it in Iray, Mental Ray, or Substance Designer for example. Hope that helps.

about 20 hours ago

Palirano, thanks for explanation buddy.

10 days ago

Can you help how to use this shader? How it should be applied. Tried different setups, but the output is a flat color.