You can watch video on Youtube:

First Step Guide

0. You need to bake additional map before use this generator.
Curvature, Thickness and Ambient Occlusion are required.

1. Open "Import Resources" button on the shelf, then add downloaded ".sbsar" file.
2. Choose resource type "generator" from dropdown list in "Import resources" window.
3. Select desired option for "Import your resources to", shown above "Cancel" button.
4. Import...!!

5. In "Layers" panel in Substance Painter, add "generator" effect to your layer.
6. Choose "Stmg_RoundCorner" in "Properties" panel, or drag & drop effect from shelf.

7. You will see colored effect by default, disable "color" in properties to see result.
* Color visualization is useful for painting layer mask to hide undesired areas.


if you favorite this generator, you can find gumroad product page here to give me a cup of coffee ^_^


This is my first Substance Painter's add-on generator to create Normal Map with rounded corners, with simple image operations on Curvature, Thickness and Ambient Occlusion textures.
It could be replacement for mental ray's mia_roundcorners shader, or others like that.

This generator is useful for Low-poly only modeling, without High-poly model.
As you know sometimes you need to merge low-poly models to create rounded corners around intersections. Using this generator you can create faked rounded corners in normal map without merging polygon meshes to keep your mesh clean ^_^
And also generator has ability to control each type of corners separately, convex, concave and intersection.

Please note that this generator's sampling depends on the resolution of input textures, so that this generator doesn't follow global texture resolution settings found in "Texture Set Settings" panel in Substance Painter, you have to choose input texture resolution in generator properties panel.
If normal map has much noise and/or borders, reduce input texture resolution could prevent them.


Uploaded: 12 months ago
Updated: 11 months ago
Version: 2
File Name: Stmg_RoundCorner.sbsar
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11 months ago

I'd filled Youtube Link, but it was omitted...?
You can find here:

11 months ago

Any manual how to use it? I have no idea how I can make it work

11 months ago

Sounds cool, but I guess a manual/video will come in handy.

11 months ago

Good Job.

11 months ago

I'd written first step guide in description ^_^

10 months ago


8 months ago

Thank you!

7 months ago

hy. can you help me? there is new version of this fantastic addon? :) because some of the edges not working well.

9 days ago

Is highpoly needed?

7 days ago

No, high poly needed, it requires baked additional maps, Curvature, Thickness and Ambient Occlusion.