using this video for inspiration, I decided to make this hair material in Designer. I've added a newer version with extra control for the tips and waviness.
The 1st picture is from Sketchfab (has post effects) , the 2nd is from Substance Painter (screengrab) and the third is an Iray render (no post).
The hair on the model doesn't have a great UV layout but I think it is somewhat convincing.

Uploaded: about 1 year ago
Updated: 11 months ago
Version: 2
File Name: hairsbsar.sbsar
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Are you a God?

11 months ago

Awesome Job!

11 months ago

Amazing work. Probably the best procedural hair texture I've seen.

11 months ago

:) Thanks a lot commentors, as of yet the newer version hasn't been accepted. It has a few more parameters for creating individual tips, I would love to see any examples you have. Thanks again

11 months ago

Very nice. Why something like this wasn't in the default material set is beyond me. Thank you!

11 months ago

wow man I like it I hope to see more of this good job

11 months ago

pretty awsome!!!

10 months ago

Great material ! Would be awesome if there is a setting for thinning the root of the hair.

9 months ago

Thanks I will have a look at that, personally I build up the hair in layers in Painter, using different blends on the opacity channel to feather it out etc. but I will definitely have a look to try and make it awesome :)

11 days ago

Sorry for the late reply, I swear you just drag and drop it in Painter, but try my fur one instead, it works much better.

20 days ago

hello. can you guide me where to install this>?