The default glow node in Substance Designer isn't very good. In physics, light has an inverse square falloff. But you don't have to know that. You just have to look at the difference.
Note: The node is permanently set to 16-bit. Lower bit depth will not work with this effect.

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7 months ago

can you please upload a .sbsar version as I can't even find the original substance glow filter - thanks in advance

7 months ago

Of course, Sam. However, there's a problem with my exports, so I need to re-structure the graphs. I am working on a fix, and you can expect a working version 2.0 by tomorrow. Thanks for downloading!

6 months ago

Tried this out today in Designer and it's beautiful! I never realized how bad the standard Glow node is until I saw this one. Thanks for sharing this!

6 months ago

Genial! Gracias Palirano. Lava_rock.jpg is wonderfol