Updated Spec/gloss shader with Alpha-test (not alpha-blending). Inspired by Jyxaw work although he did not update his v2.x shader. Just import it. Tested on Substance Painter 2018.2.3

Uploaded: 5 months ago
Updated: 5 months ago
Version: 1
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hey man there is a major bug with it :(

- whole model cannot load colors
- alpha is not working properly ( if you take opacity anything above 0.5 has no transparency and below that is at 100% transparency

4 months ago

@Piotr Janiszewski 0
1. about the color bug. Are you sure you are running v2018.x.x. and this shader? Cause this bug usually reveals itself when using a not proper version of either Painter or shader. But I'll look into, although I did not meet such bug :(
2. About alpha. You are describing "alpha-blending" mode. This shader is "alpha-test", so it is either on with 100% or off with 0%.

I've tried, but it did not really work as it should have been, and I did not figure out the reason why. I'll look into this again, but I'm not promising anything :(

4 months ago

Would you plz make another one but with alpha blending?