A stone floor that can have dirt, moss, and vines by adjusting the parameters. It can also be used for a stone wall with dirt along the bottom. Includes my cracks generator allowing you to have cracked stones or new looking stones by removing the cracks.

*Update* I only have the trial at the moment but once I purchase the program I plan to work on the vines and make them better!

Uploaded: about 2 years ago
Updated: almost 2 years ago
Version: 3
File Name: Concrete_MossyStoneFloor.7z
Size: 1.88 MB


about 2 years ago

The vine generator shifted your material to the next level. great job

about 2 years ago

Thanks! I plan on making it also turn to ivy with leaves as well. even if I don't get it done before the contest ends.

over 1 year ago

Hi! i´m just wondering, where i need to put the dependencies folder? i´m new in this software.

11 months ago

Wow, I love this! A note, though: there's no way to remove the vines from the AO or the height map that I can see (without editing). The "vine on off" works fine on all the other maps, though. Very useful, thanks!

11 months ago

Thanks! I've had so many other projects that i'm working on I haven't had a chance to truly finish this one but i'm glad you like it.