This is my submission for the material contest.
I went for the good old brick wall.
This material is fully procedural and you can change ALOT of stuff to it.
the sbs file is well documented with what to change to get a proper look.

Things you can change:

For the height and normal map:
Brick size,depth,roundness,gaps,chale variation,rotation,offset etc.
edge breakup/damage
concrete streangth
concrete damage
Wall damageA amount
Wall Damageb Amount
wall normal dots amount
cracks amount
slash amount
and for the rest there are more notes to play around with.

for the diffuse:
up to 4 different stone colors (4 stone groups with there own color)
concrete color
dirtynessA amount
Tear and wear amount
dripping dirt amount
and more.

Have fun!

Uploaded: about 3 years ago
Updated: almost 3 years ago
Version: 2
File Name: OldBrickGenerator.7z
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about 3 years ago

Brilliant job.Looks amazing

about 3 years ago

Thanks :)

about 3 years ago

Cant wait to use this one!

about 3 years ago


about 3 years ago

can't open

over 1 year ago


over 1 year ago

excellent thanks loads !

6 months ago

Amazing material! Thank you!

4 months ago

Excuse me, but why in Cinema 4D this substance does not look voluminous, but looks like a 2D picture. I first encounter substances.

2 months ago