A European style fan pavement with loads of adjustable parameters.

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over 2 years ago

This Substance is really nice, Thank you!

over 2 years ago

Excellent substance.

over 2 years ago

Thanks guys! I hope you enjoy it :D.

over 2 years ago

It really is amazing! Thank you Kay!

over 2 years ago

You're welcome :D.
Thanks for the kind words,

over 2 years ago

Well It's gone, so are my other works. I figured that since I learn from other people & i can't keep track of everyone i learned from, that I just don't deserve to post any works on SS. I truly find it amazing that your work is 100% original and that you learned everything on your own.

over 2 years ago

Hi agentc0re, I tried to reply tot he mail, but it didn't seem to work. Since I don't have your email address ill do it here.

Here is what I tried to mail:

Hi agentcore,

Sorry I responded the way I did. I could have been more appropriate and explanatory.

Having said that, I do encourage people to look at my graph for educational purposes, but not for copying or recycling my work.

It's not easy to come up with original works, but when you put in enough time, anyone with the passion for it can make great stuff with substance designer.

Since I put in a lot of effort to each the quality my works have (since they are my business card in a way), it hurts a bit to see something I made, altered and renamed.

Thanks for removing the file, although I would have been ok with something like "based on work by Käy Vriend".

Thanks for understanding.

With kind regards,


over 2 years ago

Thanks, looks really good.

about 2 years ago


almost 2 years ago

Need to practice making these types of structures. Real nice. Good work!!

over 1 year ago

How you set up everything is just awesome, it is "easy" to read your graph and understand, what it is doing! Thank you so much for sharing this!

over 1 year ago

A bit late to the party, but this is just awesome. Thank you so much for this!

12 months ago

Thanks Mightymarcos :D

11 months ago

Amazing! Thank you for sharing the sbs as well !

7 months ago

Thank you!

5 months ago