I tried to visualize a tiny corner of a Japanese zen garden in different seasons.

All the shapes and details are created procedurally in Substance Designer.

I hope to focus on the interaction of layers with a minimal set of parameters exposed.

The parameters include:
1. Raindrops
2. Water level
3. Moss coverage

Spring Night:
Fire flies

Falling green leaves

1. Rotten Summer leaves
2. Dying Moss
3. Falling maple leaves


*Spring and Fall presets included for the final rendering in Iray.

*11/20 Update: Increased the volume of leaves as rendered in previews.

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Version: 4
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about 3 years ago

@rm8564 yeees.

about 3 years ago

even the leaves are procedural?

about 3 years ago

So beautiful!!
It is just Kyoto:)

about 3 years ago

@hiromi_rockets Thank you :)

about 3 years ago

This is pretty cool!

about 3 years ago

Incredible work :D. I can almost smell the forest.

about 3 years ago

@rebecka.hahnel @Käy Vriend Thank you so much :)

almost 3 years ago

Simply beautiful!

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10 months ago

Awesome, very good work!!!

3 months ago

Love the "maple" leaves!